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The Winary

Wine tasting in our farm

The Wine Rosso Conero of Marches is a wine that is produced from vineyards situated on the slopes of Monte Conero in Ancona province, near the Adriatic Sea.The Marches in the cultivation of wines has ancient traditions.

In our farm in the Conero, you can taste and buy our wines.
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n 1973 my father Adino bought this land. In 1998 we decided to create, in this village on the slopes of Monte Conero in the Marche, Tenimenti Spinsanti. Since the beginning of this adventure was to the goal of becoming a wine-producing years of excellence. Passion, dedication, unique terroir and the unique microclimate, were taken to our label to be known nationally and internationally.

All processes are still manual and they are followed with constant devotion. The harvest is by hand only after full maturity of the grapes, for each individual vineyard , from a terroir unique and precious, in a philosophy, that favors the most attention to quality with low yields per hectare; selection of the best grapes harvested by hand into crates, and soft pressing. With men and women who put their arms, soul, head and heart in their work, year round, but especially during the harvest.